How To Use Clear Stamps

Clear stamps, also known as cling stamps, polymer stamps, photopolymer stamps or acrylic stamps, are a see-through, cost-effective type of stamp ideal for crafting, journaling, scrapbooking and more.

When attached to a clear block, clear stamps work similarly to traditional or wood stamps.

What are Clear Stamps?

A clear stamp offers precise impressions with its transparent photopolymer or acrylic construction. These stamps stick to clear acrylic blocks and allow you to see through for exact placement. A slightly tacky texture helps ink stick to even the most detailed designs.

How to Use Clear Stamps

1. Peel the stamp off of its backing.

2. Stick the stamp to an acrylic block.

Many blocks have grid lines to help you with exact placement, or even to place multiple stamps on one block at a time. There are lots of different sizes of acrylic blocks. Try to choose a block that is either the same size as your stamp or just slightly larger to avoid uneven pressure and rocking.

It often works best to lightly pat the ink pad onto the stamp for even cover and distribution.

4. Line up the impression.

If the stamp block you are using has grid lines, now is the perfect time to utilize those for exact placement.

Press down firmly for a few seconds to allow the ink to stick to your stamping surface.

How to Clean Clear Stamps

Be sure to clean the clear stamp before pulling it off of the block to avoid getting any ink on your hands. Re:Marks Cleaning Solution is great for not only clear stamps, but also wood and traditional rubber stamps, as well as rubber stamp die plates. Spray the solution onto a paper towel, and wipe away the ink from the stamp. Using the solution with a stamp scrubber pad adds a little extra thoroughness.

Alternatively, baby wipes also make a convenient stamp cleaner.

If you are using permanent ink to stamp with, like Stazon ink pads, you will need to use an archival ink cleaner to clean the permeant ink off your stamp. The archival cleaner is specially formulated to be non-toxic and is safe for use on rubber and clear stamps.

If you notice some stubborn ink left behind, don’t worry. Clear stamps tend to stain more than red rubber stamps, but it shouldn’t affect your stamping impression as long as you clean the stamp after each use.

If your stamps start to lose their stickiness, simply rinse them with a little mild soap and water.

How to Store Clear Stamps

You can store clear stamps by replacing the sticky back onto the backing sheet. Some people also use empty CD cases or plastic albums or wallets.

It’s best to keep them in a cool place to avoid the photopolymer or acrylic from melting in high temperatures.

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